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Janet is down to a size 6!

janetIf I Miss My Smoothie My Day Just Doesn’t Seem to Start Right.

Janet Is Down to a Size 6!

I tell everyone about the Smoothie Shakedown, and have about 8 friends and relatives on it with me as well. I was told I had developed Type 2 diabetes and if I lost weight it would help. Before starting the program, my A1C (blood glucose level) was 13, and it’s now been normal (6.2) for the last several tests! While looking in a magazine that was promoting smoothies, they recommended UNI KEY’s because their taste test said it was the best. I ordered it and have been having at least 1 smoothie every day.

Buying a new wardrobe has been fun! I have gone down to size 6 pants.

I have lost about 40 lbs and still want to lose more to reach my goal of 120 lbs. Right now I am 132-133 lbs. If I miss my smoothie my day just doesn’t seem to start right. My friends have all noticed my weight loss and want to know how I do it. I just tell them “unikeyhealth.com.” And, of course, buying a new wardrobe has been fun! I have gone down to size 6 pants. Thank you!

-Janet G.
Houston, TX



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