15 Ways to Stay Motivated & Reach Your Goal
by: Shakedown HQ

16 Ways to Stay Motivated & Reach Your Goal (Official Smoothie Shakedown Tips)1. Act as if you’re already there.

When you meet your goal, you’re going to have more confidence, take a trip, shop at the high-end grocery store. Why not enjoy some of those things right now? Planning a reward for when you reach your goal is good, but feel free to enjoy some things along the way too. Living with the mindset that you already deserve these things will cultivate positivity.

2. Make a list and keep it handy.

Why are you making this change? “To fit into that cute sundress” is a perfectly good reason, but it may not be strong enough to push you when you’re discouraged. Make a list of reasons that run deeper to keep you inspired for the long haul. Whether it’s to alleviate a health condition, improve your confidence, or keep up with the kids, make a list of the important reasons for losing weight. Then keep it close so you can easily read it to remind yourself why you want to stay on track more than you want to cheat.

3. Pick up the positive tidbits.

Not every day will be a success—that’s life—but there will be good things in every day. It’s important to acknowledge the good. You didn’t lose substantial weight today but maybe carb cravings have been plaguing you, and you didn’t give in today! Or maybe you tried a new combination for your morning smoothie and it was delicious. Concentrating on the positive changes will help you keep momentum towards your ultimate goal.

4. Find an ally to lean on.

Making a life change is hard— it’s even harder if you’re facing the challenge alone. Having companionship through these challenges can make a huge difference. Holding each other accountable, sharing advice and experience, recipes and tips, but most importantly not feeling like you’re alone. (The Fat Flush Online Community is a great place to connect with people who are trying to achieve—or have already succeeded in— weight loss.) Having someone to relate to can help keep your motivation rolling!

5. Clean house.

If you’re starting to lose your grip on the goal, it’s time to clean house—figuratively and literally. Clearing your house of clutter will also help clear things that might be cluttering your mind. Cleaning the closets and cabinets will also be a good way to get rid of things holding you back from your goal, physically. Junk food in the cabinets and ‘clothes that don’t fit’ in the closet are impeding your mental game— stage your surroundings as a healthful environment and your mind will stay motivated to uphold that standard.

6. Don’t be afraid to make it your own.

When you’re following a plan like the Smoothie Shakedown, it’s important to learn the rules but the next step is to incorporate those rules into your daily life. Tailoring the protocols to fit your schedule means they will become habit and pave a smoother road to success. It will help you to stay motivated when you’re confident you can stay on the path and still enjoy your life.

7. Focus on what makes you feel good.

Instead of focusing on the action (ie not eating bread), concentrate on the feeling you get when you succeed at that action. Make a mental note to acknowledge how happy, accomplished or successful you feel at that moment— use that feeling as a target next time you feel like you can’t do something. You might want to eat the bread, but you’ll want to recreate that feeling even more.

8. Take pictures as you progress.

Healthy weight loss takes time. You won’t meet your goal overnight so staying motivated to stick with the program, even when you don’t think you’re getting results, is important. Taking a picture a day will reveal small, subtle changes that you might not otherwise notice. Things like better posture, fit of clothes, more vibrant skin, along with smaller tummy, are all subtle ways that your body can change. And you might not notice they’re happening unless you’re documenting the transformation!

9. Be honest with yourself.

Not every day will be super successful. Giving yourself some tough love when you know you slipped off-course will help you veer away from making that same mistake again. Successfully living a healthy lifestyle starts with a personal commitment to yourself; it’s a choice. If you don’t acknowledge and change the things that are holding you back, they will continue to be part of your life.

10. Be fair with yourself.

While facing your mistakes is important, so is letting them go. You’re human, you make mistakes— we all do. Acknowledging them is important so you learn from them, but moving forward is important so you don’t get discouraged. When you hear your inner critic start to get out of control, close your eyes and think about something positive— something you’re doing right, something you like about yourself, something others like about you. This positivity will bring your mentality back to a positive point of view and will help you retain momentum!

11. Ignore unrealistic models.

Having a goal is fabulous—it gives you something to work towards. Visual representations of your goal could inspire you to succeed, however be careful not to surround yourself with unrealistic images that will create unrealistic standards. Instead of comparing yourself to something like a fashion model, post images of you at your healthiest weight. Aiming to better yourself instead of becoming like someone else will keep your goals realistic within the realm of your own personal health.

12. Skip the scale.

Unfortunately, the scale has become a reflection of success or failure when it comes to weight loss. But there are other factors that are just as important, and definitely more accurate. How do you feel? More energy, better sleep, and more even appetite can all be factors. How are your clothes fitting? These are all improvements to your health that the scale won’t reflect, and if you’re weighing-in every day but not seeing the number you want, that let-down can kill your momentum.

13. Keep the goodies in sight.

Hang a picture of your kids, your favorite dress, a postcard from your upcoming vacation destination, some old jeans that used to fit. Whatever your reason for losing weight and getting healthy, keep it in sight! Seeing an item that is personal to your journey and goal will help keep your motivation strong.

14. Issue the quiz.

If you’re feeling discouraged, it’s time to imagine some different scenarios. Ask yourself what your body or health will be like in 6 months if you give up on a healthy diet. What will your self esteem be like? How will it effect your life, overall? Answering these questions will help you remember why you started the plan, and will help re-motivate you towards your goal.

15. Have a “halfway point” reward.

Of course the big reward will be when you reach your final goal, but having little rewards along the way can help keep your momentum rolling. Something small like getting a luxurious massage, having a special get-together or night on the town are good mini-rewards. Plan smaller, short-term goals to help make your ultimate goal feel obtainable.

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