A Lifetime of Healthy Eating

Designed to easily transition into an extended weight loss and maintenance plan, the Smoothie Shakedown isn’t just about losing weight, it’s about keeping it off for good!

How Long Should You Shakedown?

Depending on your overall goals, Smoothie Shakedown can be followed for up to a total of four weeks at a time.

Our recommendations are simple:


Less than 50 lbs to lose:

Complete a 2-week Smoothie Shakedown.


More than 50 lbs to lose:

Follow the plan for up to four weeks with a one-week break after two weeks. During the break follow a modified protocol and have one smoothie and two meals daily.

Personal Shakedown Coaching

Take The Pounds Off For Good!

How the Succession Plan Works:

Dressings and Condiments are often loaded with sugar, preservatives and empty calories

1 Delicious Smoothie Each Day.

Enjoy a delicious, filling smoothie packed with 20g of protein to maintain a fat-burning metabolism.

2 Healthy Meals Daily.

Enjoy 2 satisfying “Shakedown Approved” meals including lean protein and unlimited vegetables each day for ongoing fat loss.

Woman's hand with a scoop of protein powder


Approved Smoothie Shakedown Snacks

Approved Snacks.

Enjoy smarter snacking that includes unlimited veggies and hard boiled eggs to fill you up, satisfy cravings, without sabotaging your weight loss success.

Re-Introduce Friendly Carbs.

Start with just one per day the first week, then increase to two per day the following week if there is no bloating, indigestion, or weight gain.

Oatmeal with Blueberries

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Follow Up Plans

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