7 Craving Crushers
by: Shakedown HQ

What is it about “the forbidden” that is so enticing? Even if you weren’t especially interested in it before, it becomes suddenly so desirable when you feel like it’s off limits.

Making cuts and adjustments to your daily diet comes saddled with plenty of challenges, one of which is cravings. Before you do anything drastic, we have a few simple suggestions that can derail the craving-train.

Clean House— of temptations, that is. Making the deliberate and conscious decision to make a change is half the battle. But after the decision is made, don’t sabotage your own efforts by leaving a bag of Cheetos stashed in the back of the pantry. They will call out to you and you will have to fight the battle again. Toss the not-so-healthy stuff and replace it with yummier, healthier things. You can’t be tempted by things that aren’t accessible.

Plan Ahead. Even if you do clean your cabinets, we’re all aware that a grocery store is just a hop, skip and a jump away. Keep ‘approved’ snacks on-hand so before you can consider reaching for the car keys, you can reach for some fresh veggies and salsa instead. Or kale chips. Or pickles. (You get the picture…There are a lot of good options.)

Cran It Up. We’re talking cran-water. The funny thing is when you’re craving something to eat, studies have shown it’s merely a mirage— thirst misunderstood as hunger. The cranberry juice can also even out your blood sugar levels so you don’t feel like you have to “fuel up” (with food) as much.

Get Busy. Sitting still with idle hands will make you more prone to mindless snacking. Try and find something to occupy your hands— and your mind— with! Take up knitting, do the dishes, try that cute DIY project you saw on Pinterest, call for a gab-fest with a chatty friend. So many options!

Remember Your Goal. The moment you start to stray from the path, reintroduce yourself to your goal. Whether it’s overcoming a health issue, fitting into those new pants, or having more energy for picnics and parties, remind yourself why you made the choice to change your lifestyle. It will be so worth it— push through and keep your eyes on the prize!

Get Up and Away. When temptation comes a’knocking, get up and get moving. Go for a walk around the block, or just around the yard! Occupying your mind can create a mental distance, but putting physical distance from the possible source of your temptation (Mr. Fridge or Ms. Cabinet) can be super effective, too, for obvious reasons. If snacks aren’t easily accessible you won’t eat them. Simple.

Tap into the Journal. Keeping a food journal can be advantageous for lots of reasons! They can help you get to the bottom of issues and realize overlooked allergies because patterns will start to show (Every time I eat *this*, I get an upset tummy. Hmm…). They are also a source of accountability and self-reflection. It’s a safe place to reflect your feelings,  your struggles and accomplishments. So when you feel your resolve start to wane, open the pages and WRITE it out! Get it all out of your system so you can go on about your day without doing something you’ll feel guilty for later.

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