Dave has lost 90 lbs!
"The Best Weight Loss Protein Powder Made Anywhere!"

I started the Fat Flush program coupled with the Fat Flush Smoothie Shakedown. I started out weighing 338lbs and am now 248lbs. My wife and I both use the products and plan. My wife has gone from 180 to 150. I am 54 years old and have slowly added weight over the last 25 years. It seems like I’ve tried every diet on the market with little or no success.

I noticed one of the individuals I work with had drastically slimmed down and asked what they had done. They mentioned Fat Flush. I looked into it and thought it was way too strict. A couple of months later when we visited relatives in Florida I was very disappointed in how I felt when walking on the beach and decided that when we returned to our home in Illinois I was going to start the Fat Flush program.

My wife and I love the smoothies, and I believe it is the best protein supplement made anywhere. By best I mean quality of the product, quality of the formulation for the best availability of proteins, and quality of the taste and texture. We make the smoothies as recommended and really love them.

This next part I mention as I continue to observe some effects of supplementation—specifically the fats. I take CLA-1000, GLA-90, and Flaxseed Oil daily. I truly believe this helped me in losing weight and I feel—though I don’t know absolutely—that my joints are functioning better due to the oils. In addition to the joint comfort level, I noticed that I no longer need Tylenol or Ibuprofen. Previously, when I tried to get going in an exercise program I would be in pain for the initial start—which I believe most of us have experienced. In addition, I would be uncomfortable for the entire duration. For example, I’ve had time periods where I had maintained a resistance and cardio program for several months and almost always required something to help me deal with the muscular and joint discomfort daily. With this program I do not need any of those mild analgesics. I inadvertently tested my fats theory over these 8 months. 2 different times I quit taking the fats for a few days as I got busy and drifted from my routine. Each time it was around a week. Near the end of this week time period I noticed I was having body pain just like I used to. When I went back to my oil intake the pain went away within 2 days. For me, it is remarkable to be where I do not need to ever take those pills. I’ve lived with them for so much of my life it was weird not taking them.

In addition to the diet plan and smoothies—which are really lifestyle changes as I do view it like I am not on a ‘diet’ anymore—I exercise 3-6 days a week, depending on my schedule. I try for 3 or 4 days of cardio and a couple of days of resistance training. For the most part I do bicycling and use the resistance machines. I have very bad knees and have had several surgeries, so running is out and heavy doses of walking I try to keep to a minimum. I do not use free weights much and prefer the machines, as they feel safer to me.

I have lost 90 lbs this year on the Smoothie Shakedown and I have 90 more to go. It has been very easy to do with this program.

-Dave B.
Urbana, IL

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