Fall Flavors
by: Shakedown HQ

The seasons are changing and that means your menu is transitioning from crisp and cool summer selections, to warm and robust Fall flavors! Herbs and spices play a big part in this season so now is the time to start your sprinkling.

These flavor enhancers also offer a myriad of health benefits and support your body during detox and weight loss— not to mention satisfy your taste buds without a hint of salt or sugar! Here is a compilation of our favorite Shakedown recipes that will warm your home, satisfy your appetite, and help shed the pounds.

Spice Up Your Smoothies!

ginger-n-apple2One flavor that is probably the most synonymous with Fall is cinnamon. We love adding a sprinkle in just about any smoothie for a deeper, more rounded taste— not to to mention the health benefits. Try these recipes:
1. Blackberry Cinnamon
2. Cinnamony Surprise
3. Cherry-Cinnamon

Fresh ginger is also a deliciously simple way to add some “umph” to your fall smoothies. Drop a piece of fresh, peeled ginger in your favorite smoothie, or try one of these recipes for starters:
1. Ginger n Apple

Stir Up These Soups!

herb-n-veggie-soup2What’s more “fall” than soups and stews? They fill the house with delicious aromas and fill your tummy with warm satisfaction. Super simple to make, here are some of our favorite soup recipes:
1. Mediterranean Soup
2. Herb n Veggie Soup
3. Old Fashioned Crockpot Chili

Another Shakedown-friendly soup recipe is the Fat Flush Soup. Wildly popular since its debut in First for Women magazine, this recipe is brimming with robust flavors and filling ingredients. It’s a favorite amongst Shakers, and even the non-Shakers in your household.

Explore our recipe library to find more Shakedown-friendly Fall flavors that will tickle your fancy— and treat your taste buds.

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