Karen dropped 44 lbs!
"After ditching cereal in the morning for healthy protein, I have never looked back."

I began using the Smoothie Shakedown Bundle two and a half years ago, and have lost 44 pounds and kept them off! I now enjoy one smoothie in the morning and have had great success with combining the effects of the weight loss supplements with the Y-C Cleanse.

I began by using the Y-C Cleanse to eliminate cravings for sugar and bread. After experiencing success with that supplement, decided to try the protein shakes to see how they worked. I stuck closely to the Fat Flush Plan as outlined in the book and could not believe how the pounds just melted away after having tried everything to get rid of the fat! Better than that, is the fact that it has stayed off for over two years! I finally gave away all the fat clothes because I won’t be needing them anymore!

When my weight plateaued I added Hot Times for Women and saw an additional 10 pound loss. More remarkable was the ability to run for the first time since high school…longer than ever before, and really enjoy it! I feel better now than I did when I was 25!

Being in my early 40’s I figured this was my fate and the pounds were here to stay…I am so happy to have found UNI KEY. It has changed my life!

I have to say, I read “The Fat Flush Plan” a few years ago and was going nuts trying to compile all the right vitamins and supplements so it was a real treat to find UNI KEY and be able to purchase the right supplements in the correct dosages. I really feel they made all the difference in supporting the liver throughout the whole weight loss process. So far I have used the Y-C Cleanse, the Fat Flush protein powders, Super-GI Cleanse, Adrenal Formula, chia seeds and Ultra H-3. All products have been great additions to my dietary regimen and the Super-GI Cleanse is a hundred times more gentle than what I was using!

I have had to answer a lot of “How did you do it?” questions from my friends and I always give them a catalog and a how-to lesson followed by a lecture on liver care! Those who follow through love the results!!

After ditching cereal in the morning for healthy protein, I have never looked back.

-Karen W.

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