Linda lost 25 lbs!
"My energy level and ability to concentrate on my clients and my personal life have vastly improved."

“After a hard-fought battle and finally maintaining the weight I lost on Fat Flush for many years, I had to find a way to attack some unwanted ‘scale creep’ that had found its way to me. I’ve been plagued by complex estrogen dominance, perimenopause, PCOS, metabolic syndrome, and thyroid issues for years, but this past year my levels in all areas really went out of control. I cannot tell you the fatigue I’ve endured—just getting out of bed in the morning was sometimes nearly impossible. And, oh, the brain fog…this was not good news at all!

Well, by creating my own version of the Smoothie Shakedown and Fat Flush magic, I’m ecstatic to report over the past year I’ve lost about 25 lbs!

Just when I thought my news couldn’t get any better, I’m also ecstatic to report I lost about 10 inches, including several from my belly—which despite regular exercise wouldn’t budge! Plus, I’m wearing two dress sizes smaller and recently gave away almost an entire wardrobe of clothes. My energy level and ability to concentrate on my clients and my personal life have vastly improved. Simply amazing!

I believe regularly alternating between the Smoothie Shakedown and Fat Flush helped me to make the Fat Flush family of plans a true eating lifestyle FOR ME—completely fulfilling my needs on every level. Naturally, ALL Fat Flush foods are superstars, but if I had to choose the biggest and best, it would have to be Body Protein. Not only is it delicious and filling, I absolutely credit this unique plant-based formulation for resetting my metabolism and allowing me to lose the weight and keep it off. For a ‘slow as a turtle’ loser like me, this is truly magical!

Although the combinations of berries you can use in smoothies are literally endless, two of my absolute favorites are blackberries and raspberries with a pinch of ginger, and cinnamon, strawberries, and blueberries with a squeeze of lime. During our local farmers’ market season, I like to freeze fresh berries in single serving portions to enjoy all year. When my supplies run out, I look for Cascadian Farms and Woodstock Farms on sale at my local organic food store.

I’m also thrilled to report I’ve been recently told by my health care practitioner:

• My thyroid is finally on its way to being balanced again!
• I no longer fit the profile for metabolic syndrome! (Although I will always have the tendency to develop it again, so staying true to this plan is vital.)
• I no longer have PCOS (I am cyst- and fibroid-free!)
• My osteopenia is improving!

I cannot tell you wonderful it feels to ‘pay it forward’ by sharing my success with the Smoothie Shakedown and Fat Flush plans with my Meal Planning Maven clients—who in turn are experiencing fantastic results! My journey has given me the unique ability to understand what others with frustrating medical issues and/or the inability to lose weight (and keep it off) endure, which allows me to be an important partner in their own success stories.

Ann Louise, I thank you from the bottom of my heart for your wisdom, friendship, care, and concern over the years. I also wish to thank Liz Beck and the entire UNI KEY staff for their knowledge and patience. All of you are the BEST!”

-Linda S.
Naples, FL



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