This mother-daughter team lost 24.3 lbs and 33 1/2 inches!
"Slim, trim & radiant!"

Phenomenal! That is what ‘The Fat Flush Plan,’ Smoothie Shakedown, and Hot Metabolism Cocktail are. Pure genius! They take what God gave us the ability to have and showed us the way. My daughter, Nikole, first researched the plan, read Dr. Ann Louise Gittleman’s books, liked the science and research behind it, and decided to  follow the plan. As Nikole transformed before our very eyes to a lean, energetic, glowing, healthy, and radiant beauty I listened to her testimony, saw her results, and understood her passion to share with others what a difference this plan made in her life and could in theirs. It just makes sense and is doable.

Nikole has not looked this slim, trim, healthy, and radiant in her whole adult life. She has faithfully followed the plan and became healthier than she has ever been. She’s also starting to discover and learn about her food allergies, triggers, and food sensitivities. I became overjoyed in not seeing her suffer from allergies, sinus problems, headaches, and asthma for the first time in her life. I never dreamt that if I had become more educated in the matter of food sensitivities years ago I could have spared her a lot of suffering. She’s had chronic allergies and been fatigued a lot throughout different periods of her life. Those miserable days are gone and the rest is history.

The results have been amazing. I am so PROUD of her. I wanted some of that energy, cognitive awareness, focus, and weight off that I had been struggling to lose for months. I got just that with a testimony all my own and so much more—including youthful looking skin. After I followed the plan I also had nothing short of amazing results. We’ve had a lot to communicate about to each other and results to share, and it has been exciting! Nikole is Hollywood beautiful and I now look more like her sister than her mom (although I have no problem with being Nikole’s mom, or my age). We receive many compliments and each time look at each other and smile. The attention is insane and all so humbling. My personal results so far: I lost 7.3 lbs and 10 ½ inches in just the first two weeks. I’ve since dropped from a size 8 to a size 4 in just 3 short months. My body fat is in the EXCELLENT rage! I’m never hungry and always feeling satisfied. Nikole has lost 17 lbs and melted 23 inches from her body. She’s down 5% body fat and her cellulite is GONE! All of her ‘goal’ pants are baggy! I’m making this a life-long plan and am now enthusiastic about life and having all the energy to live it!!! And I have my daughter right by my side feeling the same way. Woo hoo!

Thank you, Ann Louise, for your years of hard work, long hours, dedication, and commitment to sharing a healthy lifestyle with others.”

-Cindy D.
Tehachapi, CA

“I just wanted to add that I am so happy and proud to be going on this journey to better health with my mom and best friend. I love that we inspire each other every day and get to enjoy each other’s success! I’m so proud of her.”

-Nikole H.
Tehachapi, CA

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