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Weight Loss Fast and Easy

It's So Easy To Start

SIP two Shakedown smoothies a day to keep you feeling full.

ENJOY one satisfying meal & healthy snacks daily.

BOOST results with our supplements for enhanced weight loss support.*

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Proof That It Works

Designed for real people with real challenges. Thousands of successful dieters can attest to the incredible benefits of Smoothie Shakedown.

Many Shakedowners have lost as much as 20 lbs in only two weeks

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Sound Nutrition

Developed by renowned nutritionist, Ann Louise Gittleman, we've incorporated solid nutrition with the latest weight loss research.

Smoothie Shakedown is free of sugar, gluten, GMO, dairy, and chemicals.

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Get Started With A New Way To Lose Weight Fast

Smoothie Shakedown is a two-week super-charged weight loss program designed for busy people on-the-go. Exceptionally easy to follow, it provides a healthy & balanced jump-start to weight loss.

Will it Work for Me?

Is Smoothie Shakedown Right for Me?

The Smoothie Shakedown is an excellent weight loss program for virtually anyone. The Shakedown is especially beneficial if:

•You struggle to lose weight or have a history of yo-yo dieting.

•You have frequent sugar and carb cravings.

•You feel bloated after eating.

•You struggle to lose weight, even with exercise.

How Long Do I Follow The Plan?

The Smoothie Shakedown can be followed for a total of up to four weeks at a time, with a recommended one -week break after the first two weeks. During the one-week break, follow a modified Shakedown protocol–have one smoothie and two meals daily.

General recommendations
Less than 50 pounds to lose > Complete a two-week Shakedown
50 pounds or more to lose > Complete up to a four-week Shakedown

Then What?
After completing the Smoothie Shakedown, continue on your weight loss journey by transitioning to one of the Fat Flush maintenance plans.

Will It Work For My Fast-Paced Lifestyle?

We know how busy life can be and we developed Smoothie Shakedown with this in mind. A major factor in weight loss success is how simple a plan is to follow.  You can make a smoothie in less than a minute and enjoy the rewards for the rest of your life. We also provide many wonderful recipes to make meal planning a snap.

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  • I'm so proud of how far I've come! I could NOT have done this without the Smoothie Shakedown! This plan has changed my life.

    Chris P. Lost 17 lbs in Two Weeks

  • My friends and clients have all noticed my change and keep asking what I have been doing. I have so much more energy and confidence since I have been on the Fat Flush Plan.

    Brianna D. Lost 13 lbs in Two Weeks

  • It is wonderful to use a complete program that works, leaves you energetic, and focuses on the cleansing of major organs that are tired and often overlooked by other programs.

    Aretha Down 38 lbs in 4 weeks!

  • I started off weighing 196 pounds. I’m now down to 125 and I’m 5’5”. The fact that everyone asks me what I did to lose weight, and they compliment me all the time makes me feel so much more confident in my body...

    Sara P. Lost 71 lbs in total!