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Follow-up / Maintenance

A Lifetime of Healthy Eating

http://sierrapaintinglv.com/?map10 Designed to easily transition into an extended weight loss and maintenance plan, the Smoothie Shakedown isn’t just about losing weight, it’s about keeping it off for good!

How Long Should You Shakedown?

http://tintacor.com.br/?mapca1 Depending on your overall goals, Smoothie Shakedown can be followed for up to a total of four weeks at a time.

http://sharpenedfluency.com/?mapsro1 Our recomendations are simple:
Less than 50 lbs to lose – Complete a 2-week Shakedown
More than 50 lbs to lose – Follow the plan for up to four weeks with a one-week break after two weeks. During the break follow a modified protocol and have one smoothie and two meals daily.

How The Succession Plan Works

With just a few minor modifications Smoothie Shakedown transitions nicely for long term healthy nutrition. Simply replace one smoothie with an approved meal and add in a small dose of friendly carbs and you’re on your way click here.


Another Great Option for Continued Success

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Based on the same principles as the Smoothie Shakedown, Fat Flush is a comprensive weight loss plan designed for longer term, less intense detox & weight loss source.