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Teresa lost 15 lbs!

The perfect weight loss plan for my busy life!

Teresa lost 15 lbs with Smoothie Shakedown.

I’m half way there! I completed the Smoothie Shakedown over a one month period and lost 15 pounds toward my 30 pound weight loss goal.

Then I allowed my busy life and budget to sidetrack me for a few weeks, but the amazing and delightfully unusual (for me) thing is that I haven’t gained any of that weight back even though I haven’t been strictly following the Fat Flush protocol. I can’t wait to get back on-board and reach my goal. I felt so much better when I was on the program that I know it’s worth the effort. My husband can see the difference and is encouraging me to go for it.

My husband can see the difference and is encouraging me to go for it!

My plan is to repeat the Smoothie Shakedown and then begin Phase Two of the Fat Flush Plan to continue adopting a healthier lifestyle.

Thank you, Ann Louise, for all the time, research and personal commitment you’ve invested in helping people like me to change our lives for the better. Watch me go! (At least the extra part of me.)

Teresa is doing it and so can you!

Thousands have seen success and changed their lives with Smoothie Shakedown.

Have you found success with Smoothie Shakedown? If so, we want to hear from you! Please share your story with us here.